About Concours & the SCCA

Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) was founded in 1944 and now has membership in excess of 60,000.  SCCA’s San Francisco Region (SFR) followed in 1948, boasts about 3,400 members, and encompasses the geographic area from Fresno to the Oregon border.  Although SCCA’s focus has always been on racing, sanctioning road races throughout the country, SFR has also sanctioned Concours d’Elegance - competitions of elegance – since 1952.  Concours are exhibits of collector automobiles judged on their quality of restoration to original and authentic, as well as their condition, preparation and operation.  


SCCA provides judges, field crew and scorers at each SCCA-sanctioned concours.  All judges are volunteers and deemed expert on specific marques (manufacturers).  All judged automobiles should be, essentially, as they appeared on the showroom floor.  Each auto is judged beginning with 100 points.  Points are then deducted for deviations from original, imperfections, poor preparation, etc.  The highest three point-finishers in each class are awarded trophies.  But, for an automobile to win its class, it must score at least 80 points; second place requires at least 70 points; third place at least 60 points.  


SFR-SCCA is actively seeking new judges, field crew and scoring assistants.  If you are interested, please contact Chief-of-Concours Jim Perell at jperell@tricommercial.com


Jim Perell:        Chief-of-Concours


Ron Von Tersch:    Chief Judge


Beckie Perell:        Chief-of-Scoring


Darren Townsley:     Chief-of-Field


Tom Gano:         Director-of-Marketing


Butch Wright:         Chief Judge (emeritus) 


Shirley Wright:        Chief-of-Scoring (emeritus)


Morris Lum:        Photographer/Webmaster


Dr. Shannon Davidson:    Member-at-Large


Ed Therrien:        Chief-of-Concours (emeritus)


Pat Wille:        Secretary/Treasurer   


2020 SCCA-Sanctioned Concours d’Elegance


Sunday, June 28

Coyote Creek Concourse d’Elegance


Cancelled due to pandemic


Sunday, July 12

Hillsborough Concours d’Elegance


Cancelled due to pandemic


Sunday, September 13

Ferndale Concours on Main

Main Street, Ferndale


(707) 786-4477


Sunday, September 20

Danville d’Elegance


Cancelled due to pandemic


Sunday, October 4

Niello Concours at Serrano

Serrano, El Dorado Hills


(916) 635-2445



Photos courtesy of

Steve Martin, Paul Beatie, The Ferndale Enterprise & Leon Villagomez

Contact: (707) 786-7150 | pat@ferndaleconcours.org

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