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Welcome to the Ferndale Concours on Main

SEPTEMBER 15, 2024

Presented by the
Ferndale Chamber of Commerce & Humboldt Lodging Alliance

Concours d’Elegance literally means a ‘competition of elegance’ and refers to gatherings that date back to 17th century France when French aristocracy paraded their horse-drawn carriages in the parks of Paris. Over time, carriages became horseless, and the gatherings became a competition among motorcar owners to be judged by the appearance of their automobiles.

A modern day Concours is a competition for pre-1998 cars presented in showroom condition, the same as when they left the factory. Trained judges examine the vehicles thoroughly and rate each and every component.  Only those vehicles that are judged perfect (or nearly so) in every way are considered eligible for trophy class.

The Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), the entity that sanctions and judges Concours events, has approved a special category for the Victorian Village of Ferndale. This new class of Concours is called Concours on the Avenue. It allows the car judging on Ferndale's historic Main Street rather than on lawn, as prescribed for traditional Concours events such as Pebble Beach and Hillsborough. We anticipate 100 vehicles and 20-24 judges for this prestigious event.

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